InfoProtector® 360
$9.75/month plus applicable taxes

InfoProtector® 360 is a service offered by Sigma Loyalty Group that provides 360° of protection for you, and all of the important cards, documents and devices that you carry, everywhere you go.

  • Information Protection
  • Device Protection
  • Travel Protection
  • Lost Wallet Protection
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Information Protection

Proactively protect your information and identity. We'll monitor the internet and send you an alert if we find your registered information online, so you can take action quickly.

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Device Protection

Safeguard your portable devices and the important information you've got stored on them. With software to protect your device in the case of loss or theft.

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Travel Protection

Plan ahead to stay safe on your next vacation. Access health and security information for your travel destination before you leave, and secure your important portable items to help get them back if lost.

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Lost Wallet Protection

A lost wallet is no reason to panic. With a one call card cancellation and replacement service, credit bureau monitoring and protection against unauthorized use of lost cards, we help make a bad situation a whole lot better.

Information Protection:

Secure Online Vault:

Securely register your personal and financial information for online monitoring and easy retrieval in an emergency.

Online Monitoring:

The internet will be monitored in real time to track whether your registered information is found and you will be sent an alert if there is a hit.

Expiry Date Reminders:

Be alerted when your registered documents are approaching expiry so you can take action to avoid a lapse in coverage.

Device Protection:

Rebound Mobile Security:

Protect your devices, and the important information they contain, with an anti-theft app that helps you secure and locate lost or stolen devices.

Device Tune-Up Reimbursement:

Subscribers are entitled to up to $75/year to offset the cost of device tune-up services / protection software.

Travel Protection:

Travel Advice & Advisories:

Access information on security, entry and exit requirements, health, laws and culture, natural disasters and emergency contact information for destinations around the world.

Rebound Lost Item Return Service:

The Rebound service facilitates the safe return of valuable portable items that have been lost, including rewarding the finder and arranging for the item's pick up and safe return.

Lost Wallet Protection:

Card Cancel & Replace:

One call is all you'll need to get all of your lost or stolen cards cancelled and replaced.

Credit Bureau Monitoring:

Subscribers who have reported their cards as lost or stolen are immediately eligible for 6 months of free credit bureau monitoring to watch for fraudulent activity.

Protection Against Fraudulent Card Use:

You are not liable for any fraudulent charges made on your cards that are incurred after you've let us know they are missing.

Emergency Travel Services:

Up to $1000 can be wire transferred to your location if you are stranded more than 250 km from home due to a lost or stolen card, which can be billed to the credit card you specify.